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Artificial intelligence or AI has given a new look to vehicle telematics, which has taken the world a step closer to automation in the automotive sector. Simply put, AI can be regarded as the bridge between silos of vehicle data and new-age mobility solutions, helping decision-makers understand the language of data without barriers.

By carefully utilizing data from modern connected vehicles, AI instills the unique capability within auto businesses to not only see and measure the right data at the right time but also spot patterns, and irregularities as well as conduct specialized analysis, which would be far advanced for humans.

And it is this exploration of brand-new avenues and exciting insights that puts AI at the forefront of future automotive innovation. So much so, that the automotive AI market size is expected to grow to $ 7,676.92 Million by 2028 at a CAGR of 31.30% between 2021 and 2028.

Change the way you think about Connected Vehicle Data with CEREBRUMX

CEREBRUMX brings the power of Artificial Intelligence and IoT to partners across the edge and core of the automotive ecosystem, through the industry’s first Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP). By collecting vehicle data from millions of connected vehicles in real-time, CEREBRUMX processes it and enriches it with augmented signals, before churning the data into actionable predictive insights.

  • Bite-sized Insights

Data alone is not adequate to fuel the transformations necessary to keep up with the change in mobility trends. While data sure holds the information, it is the analysis of this data that yields intelligence and supports decision-making. CEREBRUMX ADLP produces easy-to-consume insights, specific to your needs, such as Vehicle Health, Vehicle Score, Driver Score, and more.

  • Easy Interface

Say goodbye to complicated tables with massive amounts of data that take forever to understand. Instead, fast-pace your business decisions with our visually-appealing graphs and to-the-point insights that stimulate enhanced safety, comfort and cost-effective driving solutions to customers.

  • No Infrastructure

ADLP makes use of the most advanced and easy-to-integrate APIs that make the cloud integration process extremely fast and simple. Simply connect with us and get your hands on the most significant automotive data from the get go, without delays or having to set up the infrastructure.

  • Complete Transparency

We understand the importance of data privacy when it comes to dealing with sensitive information, and thus proffer the complete control over the sharing of their connected vehicle data to the drivers, using our white-label platform, CerebrumX Secure Consent.

Use Cases in which AI is revolutionizing the power of Connected Vehicle Data

Some areas with a notable contributions from AI include:

  • Vehicle Repair

Assessing vehicle repair was never this easy, thanks to AI. Devouring on vehicle-specific parameters such as engine health, oil life, and cabin temperature, AI can identify defects up to 90% more effectively than humans, leading to personalized subscription-based services, proactive maintenance alerts, and predicting potential breakdowns, and estimated costs.

  • Fleet Management

Fleet managers benefit from AI analysis of connected fleet data to automate mundane tasks, reduce human dependency, identify the quickest routes and minimize idle time. AI further assists in the effective monitoring of drivers and vehicles to enhance safety, as well as to provide constructive feedback and coaching.

  • Auto Insurance

AI makes it possible to tap the ever-growing demand for usage-based insurance (UBI) by letting insurers underwrite affordable insurance policies that promise the most exhaustive protection based on the customer’s diverse needs. AI processes the driver information against mobility trends and safety standards to reach appropriate policy costs based on their risk profile.

  • Smart Cities

Artificial intelligence is the first step towards making the dream of smart future cities a reality, by enabling powerful mobility solutions that foster sustainability. Be it managing the ever-increasing traffic flow with utmost ease, utilizing the city’s infrastructure to the max with minimum waste, or making way for emission-free transportation, AI’s consumption of connected vehicle data is a sure-shot solution.

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