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Global traffic volume has seen exponential rise in the past few years, compelling governments and communities to be on the constant lookout for safer, smarter and sustainable solutions. With a vast range of tools and insights to curb shortcomings in the traditional transportation systems, as well as capable of understanding the mobility trends on a granular level, mobility intelligence techniques come closest in accomplishing far-sighted smart transportation.

Going beyond the scope of raw vehicle data, intelligent mobility solutions unify data from multiple sources and deploy AI and Machine Learning technologies to make a better sense of the transportation environment. Studies suggest that connected vehicles can reduce accident fatalities by more than 90%, and with a projected market cap to reach $116.85 Billion by 2023, data-powered mobility solutions sure promise to reduce congestion, enhance road safety, enrich EV charge network and much more.

How Mobility Data Meets Smart Transportation Goals

  • Traffic Flow Management

Rising traffic volume is one of the major challenges that future cities are bound to face. Advance mobility solutions, forged by assessing historical traffic patterns and integrating intelligent traffic lights and dynamic signage, promise to ease traffic congestion across high density locations, boost easier and quicker mobility and support sustainable, low-emission operations.

  • Drive EV Adoption

One of the most apparent routes to cut down on road emissions, widespread EV adoption is also the first step towards achieving disciplined and intelligent transportation. And data from new-gen connected vehicles in turn plays a significant role in making charging EVs easy, more accessible as well as affordable.

  • Effective Fleet Management

Professionally run fleets make up a significant part of our daily transportation systems, and bringing new levels of efficiency to fleets will mean increased control over decision making. Analyzing driver behavior behind the wheel, measuring vehicle health status in real-time and sending pre-empt maintenance alerts, based on data-driven insights, can optimize overall transportation.

  • Predictive Insights

One of the most important benefits of utilizing connected vehicle data for transportation is perhaps the ability to predict instances, thanks to intelligent analysis of thousands of data points over millions of trips, and alert customers of potential breakdowns, service appointments, performance change as well as unplanned downtime proactively.

  • Improve Emergency Response

Better data simply fuels better decisions. With a bird’s eye view of the entire city’s transportation systems, along with data-gathering on a minuscule level, authorities can easily boost emergency response by managing live locations, camera footage, open lanes and clearing routes, which can be the difference between life or death

  • Effective Logistics

Understanding mobility trends and traffic patterns has been proven to benefit logistics companies by virtue of superior decision making as well as resource utilization. Telematics data from connected vehicles can assist with smart route planning, conveying accurate ETAs to customers, plan refueling breaks for reduced downtime and ensure safety of the cargo as well as the vehicle.

  • Meeting Compliance

Connected vehicle data opens new opportunities for vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) to obtain valuable feedback into vehicle operation, performance and safety parameters, that can leave a lasting impact on high level safety and sustainability initiatives.

  • Increase in Efficiency

Mobility intelligence in present-day transportation systems works as a catalyst for organisations to boost decision making, optimize performance and resource allocation, as well as to reduce emissions for better efficiency and competitive advantage. This means more thought goes behind developing new solutions and services for customers, that not only make their driving experiences easy but also fulfilling.

Achieve Smarter & Sustainable City Transportation with CEREBRUMX

Powered by CEREBRUMX range of advanced data solutions, enabling smarter transportation systems was never this easy. Take advantage of our AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) to unlock the true value of vehicle data from millions of connected vehicles in real-time and get your hands on the most exciting actionable insights to deliver a delightful experience to your customers. With our AI-driven insights, you’ll be able to implement smarter traffic solutions in the cities of tomorrow, without the need to deploy complex infrastructure or extensive upfront investments. Simply build on your existing infrastructure by integrating with our fast and flexible APIs to offer exciting services to your customers.

CEREBRUMX believes in total consumer privacy and transparency when it comes to analyzing their sensitive data. To ensure complete trust and uninterrupted business operations, we enable you to give the power back to the customers by letting them grant, revoke or edit consents easily, with our white label platform, CEREBRUMX Secure Consent.

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