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Fleet Management Solutions ensure keeping your fleet running efficiently. Managing fleets comes with its own set of challenges, each of which requires a specialized set of solutions to bring about an evolutionary change. While premature mobile-based solutions have been in the market for some time now, they weren’t quite as effective in increasing productivity due to shortcomings such as unreliable data and inaccuracy. Embedded telematics and data-based connected fleet solutions are the latest in fleet management that promise heightened convenience, cost-effectiveness and performance.

Subject to data sourced directly from the vehicles and smart analysis, connected fleets guarantee simplified fleet management as compared to traditional models and services. We talk about the top 5 ways data reshaped fleet operations with minimal supervision.

5 Key Benefits of Modern Data-Driven Fleet Management Solutions

  1. Embedded Telematics Data for Fleets
  2. Predictive Maintenance
  3. Unconditional Driver Safety for Fleet Managers
  4. Live Location Tracking
  5. Electric Fleets with real time analytics

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  1. Embedded Telematics Data for Fleets

Connected fleets eliminate the dependency on fragmented data solutions, such as aftermarket devices, blackbox, dongles and obsolete technologies, and instead rely on embedded data to emerge as a unified solution for all automotive data needs. A series of data-standardization processes, including anonymization, cleansing, indexing, processing and normalization, ensure the data is simple, useful and superior in quality for use to your fleet customers.

Single point data integration reduces installation time and costs, to enable focus on what matters most. Cloud synchronization solves data storage and infrastructure flaws, while smart analysis delivers behavioral trends and contextual information for all-round intelligence.

  1. Predictive Maintenance for Fleet

Fleet managers dealing with connected fleet vehicles find it much easier to identify vehicle health and malfunction patterns, such as engine temperature, tire pressure, battery level and more, to proactively predict relevant maintenance schedules to prevent unexpected breakdowns and losses. Unattended repairs could be the reason behind excess wear and tear which would require even costlier services.

While manual supervision could result in neglect of timely service repairs, resulting in minor faults to lead to major hazards, automated preventive maintenance alerts could save a lot of hassles for both the fleet managers and drivers. Data could also help prioritize which vehicles require maintenance before others, based on workloads, to keep the business moving and minimizing impact on the bottom-line.

  1. Fleet Managers Can Guarantee Unconditional Driver Safety 

Thanks to real-time data and AI analysis, fleet service providers enable fleet managers to significantly upgrade driver safety. Connected car data concerning the driver’s performance, over speeding, rapid acceleration, mobile phone usage and seat-belt usage, as well behavior, fatigue level and drowsiness, can help detect obstacles and potential hazards and send appropriate alerts.

Utilizing modern safety tools such as facial evidence, dash cams and smart ignition, it becomes possible to reduce unnecessary time spent by the drivers on the road and reduce the number of traffic violations. Monitoring risky driving behavior also comes in handy to identify areas of improvement for constructive driver feedback, as well as improves the vehicle performance and business productivity.

  1. Live Fleet Location Tracking

Data-driven mobility intelligence makes for a sure shot way to streamline fleet operations. By monitoring the location of fleet vehicles in real-time, fleet service providers can enable fleet managers communicate route changes without delays, record accurate details and increase overall operational efficiency.

Vehicle data can be used to digitize bookings, appointments, rescheduling jobs and setting up reminders based on close proximity of the vehicle, to achieve delivery compliance and increased customer satisfaction. Further, location data can help make informed decisions to maximize vehicle utilization in case of cancellations and delays, to manage downtime and strengthen cargo security and drive safety from thefts.

  1. Electric Fleets with real-time analytics

Vehicle data makes the shift from conventional fleet vehicles to electrified fleets possible, with detailed information on the prerequisites necessary for setting up the charging infrastructure. Electric fleets benefit both the consumers and fleet managers with low running costs, discounted registration costs, improved driver health and reduced environmental pollution, but maximum productivity.

Connected vehicle data and real-time analytics can conveniently fast-pace battery innovation, vehicle design and driving experiences, by identifying driving range extremities, high density locations of charging stations as well as new and unique information that’s unlikely to be achieved through usual OBD devices.

Unlock Next-Gen Fleet Management Solutions for Your Customers with CEREBRUMX

Managing large fleets can be tough, especially when one goes about it blindly, without access to critical insights powerful enough to bring a change. Connected vehicle data holds the power to provide fleet managers unique visibility into the back-end processes that goes behind managing fleets and keeping them running on the roads. CEREBRUMX utilizes the industry’s first AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) to collect numerous data points from millions of connected fleets in real-time. The platform then employs modern technologies such as automotive IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to extract valuable information from this data and convert it into actionable insights that promise growth to fleets.

CEREBRUMX understands the importance of data privacy in data-exchange processes, and thus proffers the complete control over the sharing of their connected vehicle data to the drivers, using our white-label platform, CerebrumX Secure Consent.


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