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From checking our driving behavior to keeping a track of our location, connected cars of today know everything we might do. With as much as 96% of vehicles having a function information recorder gathering data, modern vehicles collect, curate and store huge amounts of data proportionate to a PC.

Not many drivers, however, are aware of the security hazards that come along as one’s information is put away in vehicles. Since this data isn’t constantly scrambled, or subject to lawful limitations, it puts the duty on the car manufacturers to establish suitable safety efforts that can secure a driver’s personal information.

This is where CerebrumX Secure Consent comes in, with the sole aim to create a healthy environment for driver’s data security and privacy.

About CerebrumX Secure Consent

CerebrumX Secure Consent is a white label consent management platform for Insurers, Fleets, Suppliers and After Market service providers that prioritizes consumer’s privacy, security and transparency.

Permitting applications and websites to meet the administrative necessities concerning visitor’s consent assortment, CerebrumX Secure Consent lets apps and websites develop the specialized ability to inform the audience about the type of data that they’ll gather, by requesting consent for explicit information handling purposes.

CerebrumX Secure Consent offers drivers with complete transparency and full straightforwardness into the services that approach their car information, and into what information is imparted with those specific services. Further, it improves driver select-in procedure for auto businesses and approves consent with all personal information demand from third-party solution providers.

CerebrumX Secure Consent:

  • Proffers control and transparency over data sharing
  • Provides user authentication mechanism
  • Enables access to accept or revoke consent anytime
  • Sends timely notifications to consumers on their consent revocation

 The Core Processing of CerebrumX Secure Consent

CerebrumX Secure Consent prioritizes consumer’s privacy, security and transparency throughout the life cycle of an app or website visitor.

  • Gathering of Consents

CerebrumX Secure Consent guarantees information utilization for the reasons consented to by the client. Data concerning the decisions is put away in a first-party treat, implying clients will be mentioned to give their consent again to subsequent changes or deletion of cookies.

  • Keeping Collected Data Record

CerebrumX Secure Consent additionally makes information solicitations less complex by alleviating the burden during GDPR compliance reviews. It records gathering of legitimate consent from clients with accompanying documentation.

Consent Handling Mechanism

  • Provides workflow for end users [Vehicle and Drivers] registration over Apps/Website.
  • Provides mechanism of whitelisting/blacklisting with whom the data can or can’t be shared.
  • Unlocks the most effective exchange of data from millions of connected vehicles ensuring global regulatory compliance and protection from security threats.

Benefits of CerebrumX Secure Consent

CerebrumX Secure Consent offers the following range of benefits to the driver:

  • Drivers get transparent access to the information shared with third-party service providers, post their consent through website or app.
  • Drivers can quickly allow consent, or revoke it at any time, for specific service providers to get access to their car information.
  • Every time a partner service provider requests information, the presence of consent is approved by CerebrumX.

 What makes CerebrumX Secure Consent unique?


CerebrumX Secure Consent utilizes an organized design that interfaces multifaceted data streams between drivers, OEMs, and various service providers for smooth integration. As new accomplices join the organization, all partners profit by their solutions and intelligent insights with no extra efforts.

Simplicity and Scalability In-Hands

As the transportation ecosystem propels its utilization of automotive information, the data streaming around driver consent can become quite complicated. CerebrumX Secure Consent gives an organized architecture to rearrange user consent while conveying high adaptability for car service providers.

Insightful Meaningful Data

With rapid advancements in connected mobility, significance of innovative approaches to data interpretation is growing fast. With our Advanced Deep Learning Platform (ADLP), players in the ecosystem can make the most of the transformation, and stay on top.

Final Thoughts

Gathering client approval is crucial to handle information and executing a consent management system is the most reasonable choice any service provider can take to stay steady over the GD-PR game.

CerebrumX Secure Consent gives the power to car drivers to fully manage and control the sharing of their connected car data.

For more information regarding connected vehicle data and the evolving ecosystem around it, Contact us or reach out to our experts.