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The presence of wireless connectivity system within vehicles has been changing the dynamics of the automotive industry. Smart cars are offering greater convenience and unparalleled advanced features to the vehicle owners. Connected car data is unlocking significant value for the end-consumers by enabling the Automotive OEMs and the ecosystem partners to focus on customer-centric benefits. With real-time insights, vehicle data provides several advantages that would make a great difference in the lives of the end-consumers. Let’s discuss the ways in which connected car data can be beneficial for the vehicle owners –

1)Driver and Vehicle Safety – With the help of real-time alerts and insights, the drivers, while on road, can track the proximity with other vehicles and can also become aware of any possible external hazards related to bad weather or poor road conditions to avoid accidents. Additionally, the central monitoring system of the vehicle tracks multiple sensors and keeps the drivers informed about the vehicle health to avoid sudden breakdowns.

2)Fuel Efficiency – Connected car data can help the vehicle owners in optimizing fuel management by providing real-time alerts on the traffic status and suggesting optimal routes. With the rising fuel prices, this can help the consumers save more while reducing the environmental cost.

3)In-Car Entertainment – The connected vehicle data can keep the drivers informed and entertained while they are on the go with a huge choice of digital content. The connected vehicles are no more limited to FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. The consumers can use voice activated technologies like Siri and Google to access their favourite apps, streaming services and content while they are driving.

4)Advanced assistance – Safety is a major concern for the drivers while they are driving in and around the city or remotely. If a driver is stranded somewhere due to an accident, breakdown, bad weather or any other emergency, with the help of connected car data alerts, s/he can find timely assistance to locate the nearest hospital, fuel station or a repair service. Apart from emergency situations, the consumers can also receive notifications about the most recommended restaurant or a popular spot on their way while they are driving. The data, on the basis of prior selections and interest, can suggest nearby stores or service providers to the consumers while they are on the go.

5) Advanced Navigation and remote parking – Let’s imagine a situation where the driver has to reach a certain destination for a job interview. With the help of vehicle data, the drivers can assess the traffic situation and can select the optimal route for fast travel. The insights can also help the driver locate a parking spot easily even before reaching their destination so that they don’t waste time in parking hassles. Based on the driver’s calendar, the connected car data can remind the driver about their next meeting with all the necessary information regarding the traffic, weather, road and fuel status to ensure timely arrival at the next destination.

CerebrumX creates a safe and secure environment for the end-users through its API first approach that is tailored to offer focused solutions for the data consumers. With the major focus placed upon data privacy and consent management aspects from the end-users and OEMs’ point of view, CerebrumX offers the best strategies to collect efficient data regularly.