CerebrumX: AI-Powered Connected Vehicle Data Platform
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Maintenance is central to vehicles, similar to the way vehicles are central to our modern-day lifestyles. But when vehicles experience performance issues, that might cause them to be off the road, it can be highly frustrating and incur significant losses in terms of time and money. It is estimated that US consumers on average spend nearly $2000 on vehicle maintenance and repairs each year, as well as hours in downtime.

Data powered solutions aim at easing such inconveniences for the end consumer, through remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates, that have been proven to show measurable results. Connected vehicle data offers a deeper look into corrective insights that help identify potential issues in advance to ensure maximum uptime. Traditional on-demand maintenance services instead result to be expensive, time-consuming and often recurring.

Salvaging Vehicle Uptime With Over The Air Updates

Modern vehicles of all sorts today consist of software applications to an extent where regular updates not only keep those applications working, but are essential for seamless operations. This need to handle constant updates, in a secure way, gave rise to ‘over-the-air’ updates, predominantly focused at prolonging the life of the applications, and the car. With the rise in the number of connected vehicles on our roads, OTA updates no longer remain a value-added activity, instead mark product success.

For maintenance service providers, OTA updates hold great importance as often the difference in user experience comes down to how quickly updates can be made. OTA updates, made possible through connected vehicle data, support with fixing issues, adding new features, conducting updates, all while ensuring the security of the data.

Comprehensive Remote Diagnostics

Data-powered remote diagnostics solutions differentiate maintenance service providers as serious players in the game. By getting access to vehicle’s telemetry, health and other data attributes, solutions providers can:

Monitor Vehicle Health

With real-time data into tire pressure, fuel level, battery status and engine oil temperature, service providers could reverse the chain of events and reach out to customers, proactively. Closely evaluated customer vehicles experience more convenient trips and increased uptime.

Get Deeper Insights

When maintenance service providers get access to live updates, vehicle health data and malfunction indicators, they develop the ability to cater to potential issues and breakdown events, in advance. Such efforts could put a stop on time-consuming and costly repairs.

Decode Error Codes

Vehicle data, as opposed to data sourced through OBD devices, gives better visibility into the diagnostic codes activated by the vehicle as well as in determining the true cause. This data could also enable service providers to provide assistance over the call for quick resolutions.

Send Alert Issues

Maintenance and warranty service providers also get access to automatic and intuitive alerts from the vehicle, denoting potential problems, for which appropriate actions could be taken.

Offer Your Customers Predictive Remote Diagnosis With CerebrumX

CerebrumX is your solution to seize the opportunity and ensure that your customers enjoy safe, uninterrupted and fulfilling driving experiences, every time. Leverage the extraordinary power of connected vehicles with our AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) and get your hands on business-defining insights to boost your maintenance and warranty solutions. As you succeed with innovative IoT and telematics-based services, road safety and security for all road-users come along.

In association with our white-label consent management platform, CerebrumX Secure Consent, we further offer the capability to ensure driver’s data privacy in compliance with global GD PR and CC PA laws. Give the complete control over the sharing of their connected vehicle data back to the drivers, and utilize it only after their consent.

CerebrumX: Transforming Maintenance Services With Vehicle Data

Real-time connected vehicle data makes performing remote diagnostics convenient and more fulfilling. Maintenance service providers choose CerebrumX for their data needs to gain access to:

  • Insights beyond OBD devices and applications, measuring a variety of attributes.
  • Easy and quick lifecycle processes, from diagnosis to resolution.
  • Vehicle data sourced directly from the OEMs that support future-ready services.
  • Simple, no-time integration within the service provider’s existing IT structure through cloud and APIs.
  • Standardization of vehicle parameters for all makes and models, through our AI-powered platform.
  • Enabling data analytics and value-added services to unlock sustainable business activities.


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