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With advancing technologies in the automotive sector, both the physical and digital worlds are combining with each other for a better future. Connected car data enables the Urban planning authorities with better city planning by using real-time vehicle data to plan a systematic road infrastructure with efficient traffic management, parking solutions, reduced emissions, faster routes, and safer roads, etc. for a well-planned smart city.Here are six ways in which connected car data can help in better city planning are –

  • Analysis of the historical road congestion data and transport patterns can help city transport management authorities to understand the cause for congestion’s and take corrective actions.
  • Real time car data can help drivers in assessing faster routes and avoiding jams, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Real-time car data equips urban planners with the means to optimize the modes of transport for faster traveling while reducing cost.
  • Car data can be used to power digital road signages thereby avoiding the possible collisions.Additionally, this data can be used to identify accident-prone areas and enable the government officials to plan measures and aids accordingly.
  • With real-time data, emergency road-side assistance can be provided to stranded drivers in need of help. Timely intervention also helps in reducing the number of traffic jams.
  • For public service, smart street light system, parking assistance, potholes, breakdown or route congestion alerts can be provided for a smooth driving experience.

CerebrumX through its Augment Deep Learning Platform offers an easy way to collect personalized data from the customers and offer them to the public sectors for developing the infrastructure for a smart city. CerebrumX through embedded data helps in better planning with automatic parking, reduced traffic and economical fuel consumption, identification of weaker regions that need improvement and thereby saving and investing resources in the right region. All these key factors allow the city to develop and maintain the structure with efficiency.