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Connected Car is a differentiated service today from OEMs, however it will become commoditized going forward. OEMs have the important task to maximize its full potential and to continuously innovate and improve customer satisfaction. What has fundamentally changed for Auto OEMs is to understand more about customer and deliver personalized enhanced customer experience and Value Added Services.

The car is no longer just the means of transportation it’s a symbol of digital lifestyle and Connected car customers expect experience, which they are used to experience via Smartphone. These are some of the factors likely to drive OEMs to innovate business model that change the way OEMs engage with their customers. Hence OEMs have to launch newer personalized Value Added Services (VAS) which can be delivered via connected car companion App or Infotainment platform, which are beyond the vehicle remote operations and vehicle status.

In such dynamic times where connected car service will soon become commodity, building a connected car strategy with customer personalized experience as its core is essential. While designing customer experience, it is important to consider product stickiness and it should be an overall goal that connected car program should strive to achieve. With Smartphone connected car companion App the aspect of product stickiness is very important due to competition and may expand beyond the connected car. A competitor may simply be third party mobile app, which may reduce the need for customers to use the features provided by the OEMs through their companion app, which eventually may result in very limited use of OEM provided connected car mobile App.

CerebrumX through its partnerships with VAS vendors provides innovative personalized use cases, which can be delivered to the customers via Connected Car companion Apps or infotainment platform. Our Automotive Data Management Platform, through our AI/M, processes various data sets like Driver Demography, Trip Data and CAN Data to personalize the Value Added Services, which can be delivered to the customers to create product stickiness. CerebrumX not only helps to engage customers through our innovative personalized VAS use cases but also helps OEMs monetize the connected car data while engaging the customers by delivering paid packages for Silver, Gold and Platinum services.

Our partnership in the VAS/Concierge eco system captures the following use cases:

  1. Discount coupons for Electronics, Home Appliances, Financial Services, Live Events, Restaurants, Clubs etc.
  2. Reservation of nearest charging station, Routing to nearest gas station and associated complementary services at Charging and gas station.
  3. Concierge Services for Health, Travel booking, Hotel Booking, In Car delivery, Restaurant booking, and road side assistance.
  4. Parking Assistance.