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Did you know?

Connected Vehicle Data insights can lead to 97% reduction in speeding, a 7% improvement in fuel economy, and a 47% reduction in accidents.

Technology is disrupting the Fleet industry in a way we have never seen before. As automakers continue to innovate and define the future of the connected car and autonomous vehicles, the commercial transportation industry is taking note, and fleet managers are adjusting the way they oversee their vehicles and drivers.

Connected vehicle technology allows fleet managers to remotely monitor every aspect of their vehicles’ operation in real-time. Vehicle speed, acceleration, deceleration, location and route traveled, fuel usage, engine performance, load weight, and driver distractions are but a few of the factors that IoT permits to be measured and their data transmitted.

By combining IoT with artificial intelligence, big data, and predictive analytics, connected vehicle technology has the power to revolutionize the fleet management industry. Let’s dig deeper!

Benefits of Connected Vehicle Data

Improved Fleet Efficiency:

Connected cars (and trucks) feed data to the Internet from a host of embedded sensors. This information allows fleet managers to identify opportunities where vehicle efficiency can be monitored and improved.

As we all know that the engine performance and tire pressure can affect the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. While connected car technology allows fleet managers to monitor these parameters for each vehicle in their fleet, it also provides them with data on more-dynamic aspects of vehicle operation, namely those affected by driver behavior.

The connected car data reports the details about acceleration and deceleration, engine idle time, and speed. All of these factors can adversely affect the fuel economy of even the newest vehicle, with efficiency varying by several percentage points from one driver to another.

By identifying these fuel efficiency, fleet management companies can address these issues and reduce their operational cost.

Improved Vehicle and Driver’s Safety:

Connected vehicle technology is directly proportional to improvement in vehicle safety. The factors that affect fuel economy can also affect vehicle safety. Sudden stops and abrupt starts, speeding, and even vehicle maintenance issues can all impact vehicle safety. Smooth, safe driving, with less acceleration and less heavy braking, reduces fuel consumption, the car’s environmental impact, and the risk of accidents. With Connected Vehicle technology, the fleet managers will monitor these operational parameters seeking opportunities for improvement, and take immediate corrective action whenever required.

Not only does connected vehicle technology provide remote monitoring of vehicle operation, but you get advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road activities to help you alter behavior, take corrective action, and potentially prevent accidents, before they happen.

Reduced Downtime :

As mentioned before, connected vehicle technology allows engine performance and tire pressure to be monitored by fleet managers for the purpose of controlling fleet fuel economy. The same measurements, combined with those from hydraulics and data from other sensors, can also help identify maintenance issues before they shut the vehicle down.

Rather than waiting for an engine defect or other issue to fully materialize, Connected vehicle technology can spot problems and schedule repairs automatically before they become costly malfunctions.

By incorporating predictive analysis into the vehicle monitoring ecosystem, AI and machine learning technologies can be tapped to help predict mechanical problems before they even occur.

How CerebrumX unlocks the connected vehicle data?

At CerebrumX, we understand that raw data on its own is not enough. That is why we offer measurable and actionable data with meaningful insights you can count on! CerebrumX provides a ubiquitous data management platform spread across the Edge and Core Network to our partners (OEMs, Media, Insurers, Fleet Companies, Smart Cities/Municipalities etc) to enable the activation of connected vehicle data that is as yet un-utilized to any significant level due to the absence to the right Automotive Ecosystem.

With CerebrumX Real-time Connected Vehicle Data Valuable Insights, both fleet managers and the drivers can-

  • Control & Monitor Fleets operations efficiently and effectively
  • Make sure all assets are fully utilized and Get information on vehicle wear and tear
  • Get notified of driver behaviors like excessive speeding, idling or hard braking.
  • Schedule service maintenance to prevent breakdown and keep assets at high performance.
  • View inventory and demand in real-time for greater visibility and fleet control.
  • Use data to know about vehicle health and accident history.
  • Buy and Sell the Right Vehicle

Contact us to learn more or reach out to our experts about accessing the data in your vehicles.