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With connected vehicle data and real-time location data, businesses like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema halls, amusement parks or retail stores can assess their strategies or make market decisions by analyzing the vehicle mobility data.

If a business wants to establish or expand itself in a particular area of the city, it’s important to assess the popularity of that area too in terms of the road conditions, traffic status, accident rates, parking feasibility, distance of that area from populated areas, weather conditions, any potential safety hazards, which can be analyzed easily through vehicle data.

Here are some industries which can use the connected car data from CerebrumX platform to grow their business –

Retail Planning – Through connected car data, industries like hospitality can study the vehicle movement from the airport, train station, hotels or residential areas to an emerging popular spot or a newfound getaway and strategize the profitability of their business. This data can be helpful for the hotel chains, restaurants or café owners who can grab new revenue opportunities through vehicle data. These emerging business chains open the opportunities for several other industries like entertainment, transport, machinery, retail,textile, etc.

Advertising and Marketing –The advertisers or marketers can use the connected vehicle data to promote their business in the best possible way. Through location data, vehicle speed, traffic status, and other parameters, they can plan their campaigns with maximum visibility, reach and frequency. They can assess a well-lit area or a congested area which would ensure good visibility of their hoarding and their presence.

City Planning–The vehicle data can be used by the city planners to improve the infrastructure and the facilities for better traffic management and city planning. The car data helps the authorities and planners to address problems like shortage of public transport, fuel stations, parking spots, potholes, street lights, signals and road signs, etc. The authorities, through the car data, can ensure that the traffic around schools, children’s parks, hospitals or airports move smoothly. The urban planners can study the vehicle data to locate the congested areas where frequent traffic occurs and can take better measures to curb it.

CerebrumX through its ADLP empowers many businesses to identify profitable business locations and revenue opportunities with the help of connected car data. The connected vehicles generate vast data which can be used by the industries for extensive market research and to formulate better strategies, generate further employment, and accelerate the overall development of the city.