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Media is one of the most sought-after applications while driving along with navigation. Globally, over the air (OTA) form of audio rendering has been the most important form of audio consumption within the automotive due to ease of use, localized content, and free subscription format. In the recent years, Audio linear and non-linear options are increasing like streaming, podcast, and mobile projection. The new over the top (OTT) options are finding good intake within the automotive segment with streaming players like Spotify, Pandora, LiveXLive and others on the rise, still OTA with its local market flavor has maintained its market share.

Globally, radio advertising is a $40 Billion plus market, with North America leading at around 50% market share. With an average daily commute of more than an hour, radio advertising offers a powerful messaging channel to reach consumers with extremely high recall factor. So, it is paramount for advertisers to plan, measure and analyze the impact of the advertisement to ensure the spend has the right brand upliftment. Today within the automotive domain there is no standard way to measure the reach and outcome. It is based on the statistics provided by the various radio stations. This creates a problem of consistency as each station has its own format for reporting information.

As a part of CerebrumX, working very closely with partners (DMP / DSP) and media data analytic infomediaries, we offer a solution that provides segmented insights.

The solution caters to:

  1. Campaign Planning
  2. Audience Measurement
  3. Outcome Measurement

The data around the media is collected from the OEM’s In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) unit in near real time and made accessible through CerebrumX’s Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) in the backend. The whole data handling is backed by strong focus on compliance around consent management and privacy regulations. The data is anonymized before it is processed by the platform which makes the whole process from collection to insights non-intrusive and does not involve any personal information / data sharing.

ADLP supports two access mechanism API and data insights. Using the API, the AdTech and data aggregators can create their own media analytic dashboards. For providing data insights ADLP takes input like channel, artist, playlist and augments this data with driver demography, mood and occupancy providing useful dashboards. This segmented approach focused on media analytics eases the activation of data for crucial insights, while maintaining the PII sensitivity.

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