Unlock The Full Potential Of Connected Vehicle Data
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The 21st century logistical needs have evolved beyond simply making deliveries and completing tasks. Modern logistics operations rely heavily on the need for a better understanding of travel routes, vehicle performance, operational efficiencies and driver safety, to meet dynamic customer requirements as well as value-driven demands.

As manual supervision takes a back seat in the modern picture of global logistics management, connected vehicle technology poses as the perfect solution with the promise of competitive advantage. Complete with cutting edge tech and real-time data, fleets, when made of connected vehicles, generate deep mobility insights that empower managers to intelligently manage planning, dispatching and overall operations.

Smart Mobility Insights in Logistics

Vehicle data and mobility intelligence hold a significant impact over retail logistics and supply chain operations, capable of benefiting their performance. A few areas where data helps the industry to upgrade its performance and exceed customer expectations include:

  • Route Planning

Adoption of telematics data goes a long way in predicting traffic performance in real-time to avoid congestion and optimize route planning during heavy-volume season or peak hours. Re-routing drivers to opt for open paths, based on predictive analysis, also becomes easy.

  • Low Fuel Costs

Along with visualizing the most efficient routes, connected vehicle data analysis also enables cutting down on fuel costs tremendously, by letting drivers avoid congestion and increase operating efficiency.

  • Lane Assistance

Vehicle data supports better understanding of historic traffic trends and volumes, in collusion with real-time patterns, that ensures lane level accuracy to drivers. As a result, it becomes easier to avoid difficult roadways, re-route drivers quickly and conduct intelligent route planning that increases deliveries.

  • Driver Safety

Analyzing sensory data from connected vehicles to keep drivers safe has been on the rise for years now, allowing easy identification of crash events, dangerous roadways and accident-prone locations, as well as unfit traffic conditions.

  • Accurate ETAs

AI analysis of vehicle data opens new opportunities for executives to hit delivery deadlines, communicate real-time ETAs to customers and schedule future tasks in ways that keep delays to a minimum.

  • Efficient Vehicle Staging

Another unique way in which vehicle data assists with streamlined logistics operations is by determining the best parking locations for incoming vehicles, getting them staged and then ready to move out, based on real-time location within the facility.

  • Low Emission Impact

Integrated operations that recover lost productivity further impact the environment positively. Data not just boosts efficiency but also helps reduce emissions, through the most optimized use of resources, that doesn’t leave behind a significant footprint.

Power through Logistical Intelligence with CEREBRUMX

CEREBRUMX brings to you the industry’s first AI-powered  Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) that holds the power to unlock the true potential of connected vehicle data. Our advanced data management platform ingests raw vehicle data from millions of connected vehicles in real-time, to generate deep predictive insights that support cost-friendly operations and ensure optimum productivity of your business. With our AI-driven insights, you can rest assured to deliver trusted and uninterrupted logistics services to your valued clients.

We adhere to global privacy regulations to maintain driver confidentiality, without thwarting data privacy and security. That is why we created CEREBRUMX Secure Consent, a white label consent management platform to assist you in delivering privacy-ensured services to customers, with ease. Simply integrate our platform within your existing web/app architecture to offer GDPR and CCPA complaint services for safe operations.


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