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When running a fleet of several vehicles, being always aware of the location, status and vehicle parameters becomes crucial, as this information directly impacts business revenue. Not being able to track vehicles is something fleet managers simply cannot afford, which is why fleet service providers assist with tracking thousands of fleet vehicles transporting millions of dollars’ worth of cargo across the US on a daily basis.

Connected vehicle data is a great source of valuable information that can help tackle fleet monitoring and tracking challenges, in real-time. It not just supports conducting and monitoring the various functions of a team, but also lets fleet service providers come up with innovate solutions that reduce routine costs and improve business efficiency, which is why as many as 42% of fleet managers already utilizing the power of data think it is ‘extremely’ beneficial to their business.

Leverage technology to streamline Fleet Management efforts

Gaining access to second-by-second, real-time updates of the fleet location makes the fleet manager’s job easy and brings a range of benefits:

  • Increase operational efficiency

Fleet service providers utilize telematics data to enable managers keep a track of fleet vehicles in real-time, enabling redirecting routes or communicating timelines without any delays. Fleet visibility for the dispatcher gets enhanced, with vehicle and route-specific details along with improvement opportunities.

  • Achieve delivery compliance and customer satisfaction

Data optimizes bookings and appointment reminders, as well as delivery schedules. Service providers get to offer access to actionable information if a driver is delayed for a delivery, if he has started work and if he has completed early and can be referred to the next job. Data also helps with automatic scheduling and re-scheduling of deliveries based on priorities, as well as in conveying precise ETAs to customers.

  • Maximize vehicle utilization and reduce downtime

With the ability to track fleet vehicles, comes the understanding to improve business operations in areas where it lacks the most. Telematics data providers can help fleet managers get the most out of their vehicles by eliminating vehicle idle time, allocating jobs as per vehicle location, avoid congested routes, busy hours and more.

  • Improve vehicle maintenance

With insights into vehicle parameters such as engine performance, cabin temperature, tire pressure, Km traveled, fuel consumption and usage in hours, fleet service providers encourage predictive maintenance efforts to ensure every vehicle gets serviced at the right time. This reduces costly repairs, breakdowns and downtime significantly, prevents missing out on service appointments and prioritizes vehicles for maintenance.

  • Maintain fleet and driver safety

Managers get access to data such as over-speeding instances, harsh braking and swerving, and also vehicle idle time, over usage and driving under fatigue, which can then be used to convey safe driving practices to the drivers on the road. Further, managers get a birds’ eye view of the vehicles to help prevent stealing attempts and damages to vehicle or driver health.

  • Control fuel consumption and lead sustainability

By effectively sending out route change alerts and speed limit reminders, fleet service providers can effectively control overall fuel consumption by the fleet, and inform fleet managers to increase efficiency. They can also monitor and discourage bad driving behavior or extended idle times that lead to reduced mileage figures, and plan routes and deliveries proactively so as to avoid fuel-wasting activities. Skillful utilization of connected vehicle data not only enhances business operations but also opens way for innovative sustainable solutions that’ll lead the future.

Future-proof your business with CerebrumX

We at CerebrumX understand that connected vehicle data alone is not enough to manage complex fleet operations, instead managers require actionable information to support business growth. Thus, we provide fleet service providers with rich insights by unlocking value behind data using our very own AI-driven Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) that apart from providing solutions to core fleet management challenges, also opens new business avenues that were previously unrealized.

In association with our white-label consent management platform, CerebrumX Secure Consent, we further offer the capability where service providers can give drivers the complete control over the sharing of their connected vehicle data with total privacy and transparency.

For more information regarding connected vehicle data and the evolving ecosystem around it, Contact us or reach out to our experts.