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Partnership combines connected car vehicular emergency data platform with AI and ML to unlock embedded intelligent crash sensor data in real-time for 9-1-1 first responders

Princeton, New Jersey – September 27, 2022CerebrumX Lab Inc. (CerebrumX), a leader in using connected car data and augmented learning to maximize the value of connected vehicles today announced a partnership with Roadside Telematics Corp. (RTC), a 9-1-1 emergency services technology provider, to deliver next-generation 9-1-1 emergency response insights that will enable mobility partners like commercial fleets to improve driver safety and post-crash survivability. This partnership will enable RTC’s RoadMedic® to upgrade post-crash crash assistance and emergency services powered by leveraging CEREBRUMX AI traffic data, real-time crash data and comprehensive insights, customized for OEMs and automotive service providers.

CerebrumX’s Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to unlock embedded vehicle data in real-time, including Telemetry, Diagnostics, First Notice of Loss (FNOL), Driver Behaviors and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), from the automotive OEMs. By converting this data into AI insights and sharing them with 9-1-1 first responders as and when a crash occurs, RTC and CEREBRUMX can significantly reduce 9-1-1 response times while empowering data-driven next-generation 9-1-1 emergency response, which will be more effective and efficient.

The joint solution will add to RoadMedic’s real-time 9-1-1 vehicular emergency data capabilities, to analyze traffic trends and notify emergency responders in ways that’d comply with customer’s safety concerns and ultimately, improve the post-crash customer journey during the lowest point in the vehicle ownership experience, and highest point of brand defection. With accurate information on collisions, lane closures, congestion and mobility trends, RTC will be able to dispatch response without delays, find shortest routes to site of incident and eliminate time-consuming manual processes for improved driver experience.

“We are keen to actualize the integration of CerebrumX with next-generation 9-1-1 emergency services to equip first responders to make informed decisions during emergencies and take actions quickly following an incident”, said Kapil Arora, Chief Sales Officer, at CerebrumX. “With our intelligent datasets and AI analysis, we are confident about improving driver and road safety through time-bound, effective, and life-saving decisions.”

CerebrumX connected vehicle data platform combined with the RoadMedic intelligent crash data platform will prove as a single source of accurate and reliable real-time post-crash data, with a unified dashboard, simple interface and a reliable cloud infrastructure. RTC will also benefit from a transparent and reliable user consented data insights from CerebrumX in a safe and secure environment.

“We’re very proud to welcome CerebrumX as our newest RoadMedic ecosystem strategic partner as we continue RTC’s journey empowering automakers and commercial fleet operators to increase safety, reduce NG911 emergency services deployment costs, and shorten time-to-market for NG911 life-saving emergency response capabilities”, said Williams, CEO and founder of RTC

About RoadMedic® (Roadside Telematics Corporation)

Founded in 2001, and based in Newport Beach, CA, Roadside Telematics Corp, (RTC) is trusted by Automotive OEMs globally for providing Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) mission critical connected car solutions for 9-1-1 Public Safety. RTC’s patented intelligent crash data platform, RoadMedic®, combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to process crash sensor data efficiently and securely at the car’s edge with (far) less computing power, and then literally within seconds, transmits intelligent crash sensor data instantly to NG911 computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems. RoadMedic is the de facto NG911 public safety industry standard that is Telematics Service Provider (TSP)-agnostic; partnering with the world’s leading automakers and tier-one suppliers. For more information, visit or connect on Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shane Smith, Pacific Communications Group on behalf of Roadside Telematics Corp.

About CerebrumX Lab Inc.

CerebrumX ( uses artificial intelligence to deliver trusted data and high-quality insights to businesses to drive innovation, optimize operations and drive key decisions using smart data. Our industry’s first ubiquitous data management platform is utilized across the Edge and Core Network to our partners including (OEMs, Media, Insurers, Fleet Companies and Smart Cities/Municipalities). CerebrumX’s Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) securely collects and consolidates scattered data from our partners and other third-party apps and devices to enable the activation of connected vehicle data that has previously been under-utilized to any significant level due to the absence of an integrated Automotive Ecosystem. CEREBRUMX is headquartered in Princeton, NJ, USA and with offices across NA, EMEA and APAC. For more information, Connect with us for more information,  or follow us on Linkedin


Priya Shah, open door communications on behalf of CerebrumX Labs Inc.