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Offer personalized
usage-based insurance

Get historical and real-time data intelligence to meet your customers’ changing needs in a competitive and profitable way


of consumers prefer personalized insurance premiums










Why Connected Vehicle Data Matters

Here’s how CEREBRUMX embedded data insights helps you to grow your UBI business

Multiple OEMs, Single Interface

Access to rich data from multiple OEMs, smartly cumulated at a single place

No Additional Hardware

Get rid of cables, zip ties and multiple devices, that lead to reduced uptime


No CAPEX, OPEX and upfront investments.

Authentic and Quality Data

Get richer real-time actionable data insights

Discover our Product Offerings

Transform your insurance offerings with AI-Powered UBI

Unlock the power of connected vehicle data to quickly launch highly compelling Usage based Insurance programs that are both personalized and profitable for your policyholders.

Pay As You Drive (PAYD)

Offer premiums based on how much users drive & when they drive

Pay How You Drive (PHYD)

Offer personalized auto-insurance plans

Collision Event

Collision data helps in forensics and claim settlement

Augmented Data

Get vehicle’s panoramic Information Impacting Vehicle Usage

Historical Data

Access driver’s historical data up to 6 months old

Pay as you drive

Pay as you drive (PAYD)

Verify Vehicle Mileage Instantly & Accurately

  • Charge customers based on vehicle usage
  • Offer customized insurance plans, based on Miles covered
  • Facilitate policy-renewal, maintenance & discount alerts

Attributes we collect

Odometer readings

Pay how you drive (PHYD)

Monitor Behavioral Mobility Risk for Smarter Pricing & Personalized Plans

  • Monitor driver skills & behavior to know how they drive
  • Reward safe driving practices with lower premiums
  • Emphasize on safe driving practices by penalizing distracted behavior

Attributes we collect

Rapid Acceleration

Harsh Braking


Over speeding

Safety Belt Usage

Trip details

Pay how you drive


Collision data helps in forensics and claim settlement

  • Access crash summary data
  • FNOL Analysis
  • Understand the cause and effect of accidents
  • Unlock ADAS data for collision assistance

Attributes we collect

Airbag Status

Collision Severity

Event Date and Time

Event Location



Obtain Panoramic Information Directly Impacting Vehicle Usage

  • Get access to weather data, digital signage, traffic signals, etc.
  • Contextualize driver’s on-road behavior and vehicle handling
  • Ensure vehicle security through theft alert & tracking
  • Accurately formulate policy costs

Attributes we collect


Traffic Signals

Digital Signage

And many more..

Historical data

Historical data

Improve Time-to-Market With Access-Ready Data (3-6 Months)

  • Get your hands on driver data from the get go
  • Offer dynamic pricing models
  • Conduct risk assessment & analysis

Attributes we collect

Rapid Acceleration

Harsh Braking


Odometer readings

Over speeding

Safety Belt Usage

Trip details

Why us?

We employ artificial intelligence and powerful data analytics to help you offer UBI to your customers and create the right policy for them.

Do everything in one go

All UBI aspects are available for remote monitoring in one place, with a single pane view to all your fleet data.

Get updated in real-time

OEM-sourced historical vehicle data is processed in real-time for greater accuracy, reliability and transparency.

Data fidelity

Vehicle, driver and contextual attributes are unified from millions of connected vehicles.


Easy customization allows you the flexibility to decide how and when to receive data.

Easy onboarding

Ready-to-use data models and contextual APIs allow you to offer faster service roll-outs.


Surface, POI and mobility information augments your insurance models with deeper insights.


With responsible data sharing as our core philosophy, our platform is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Dynamic consent management

Easily integrable CEREBRUMX Secure Consent gives drivers complete control over their consent.

Unified and powerful platform

Unified and powerful platform

CEREBRUMX AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) is mobilizing the power of accurate vehicle and driver data, both historical and real-time, into safer and customizable insurance solutions for your policyholders.

CerebrumX Secure Consent

CerebrumX Secure Consent

With rising concerns over data privacy, we help you build trust where it matters the most. Our easily-integrable white-label platform for consent management offers access to connected vehicle data that is safe, consented and ready to work on.

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