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In-car radio advertisements that reap returns

Leverage connected vehicle data to develop futuristic radio advertisement strategies, measure their effectiveness and ensure they reach the right people.









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Media Measurement Solutions with Connected Vehicle Data Insights

Enrich your consumer data with AI-powered connected vehicle data to improve your target audience analysis and plan marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time and place.

IVI data

Accurately assess Ad attribution & drive results using listener information

Vehicle occupancy

Know your target audience better to understand changing consumer behavior

Vehicle telemetry

Transform in-vehicle advertising to plan your marketing campaigns effectively

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Data

Accurately assess Ad attribution & drive results using listener information
  • Identify superior radio insights and benchmarking data
  • Use audience measurement to plan profitable marketing campaigns
  • Target music and advertisements to listeners based on patterns and trends

Artist Metadata

Channel Information

Active Media Source

And many more…

Vehicle Occupancy for Hyper-personalization of In-Car Ads

Know your target audience better
  • Identify vehicle driver/passengers as well their interests
  • Hyper-personalize the in-car advertisements and music based on passenger interests
  • Facilitate quantitative and qualitative audio research

Active Media Source

Channel Frequency

Media Volume

Occupant Interests

Telemetry for Vehicle Advertising

Transform in-vehicle advertising
  • Identify lucrative & impactful location for billboard placement
  • Plan marketing campaigns & out-of-home advertising based on location, trip duration & time of day
  • Plan ad placements & air-time based on peak hours/ high traffic volume




Direction of movement


Unlock the potential of your in-car advertisements with data powered by artificial intelligence.