Data Privacy is Our Top Priority

Your privacy, security and safety are at the center of CEREBRUMX.

Establishing Security,
Preserving Control

A key principle of CerebrumX’s design is to maintain the safety and privacy of vehicle owners, built on the fundamentals of reliable data activity with our partners and clients. We are committed to ensuring the security of connected vehicle data that we collect, by prioritizing transparent data exchange and thwarting misuse.

At CerebrumX, we understand consumer needs and the experiences they desire, and recognize the responsibility to utilize connected vehicle data for these purposes in a way that’s safe, sustainable and brings convenience. We thus adopt a comprehensive and holistic approach to mitigate information security across our dealings with customers and partners, to earn their trust.

Security Standards
That You Can Trust

We ensure the anonymity of our customer’s Personal Identifiable Information (PII) during the entire data exchange process, to safeguard its privacy and to establish protection against the most sophisticated of attacks, at all stages.

CerebrumX implements high level security and protection protocols for this purpose, to achieve highest levels of data integrity, confidentiality, privacy and security. These include storing sensitive data on secured cloud, utilizing encryption and secure transport layers as well as enforcing a proactive approach for data security, that make our operations GDPR and CCPA compliant.

At CerebrumX, to restrict any inadvertent attacks, we further perform regular audit of these security parameters and processes, so that our customers and partners always remain in confidence of our practices adhering to best guidelines when it comes to data privacy.