Optimizing Energy Management

By bridging the gap between OEMs and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), we maximize EV charging data utilization for enhanced ease and efficiency for drivers and charging operators alike. An intelligent solution that acts as the central node within the entire EV ecosystem, establishing exchange of data among electric vehicles, charging stations and EVSE through AI and cloud computing.

How it works?

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EVConnect Product Offerings

Data-driven actionable insights with CerebrumX AI-Powered EV algorithms

Harnessing real-time connected vehicle data and AI algorithms to ensure efficient route planning, battery management, and predictive maintenance, to enhance the overall EV experience.

Reduced Costs

Empower customers to choose from a range of flexible charging plans, as per their needs and availability to bring in cost optimization.

  • Accurate costs
  • Rate plan selection

Intelligent Energy Consumption

Enable customers to lower the impact on their energy bills and enjoy lower rates with solar panels, by advising the right time to charge their vehicles.

  • Lower energy bills
  • Excess solar optimizer

EV Smart City

Allow customers to find nearest charging stations through in-car notifications, reserve charging slots and pay for services utilized, quickly and seamlessly.

  • Dedicated notifications
  • Time optimization

Road Usage Charges (RUC)

Effectively collect Road Usage Charges (RUC) from Electric Vehicles seamlessly, through secure and tamper-proof embedded connected vehicle data.

  • Odometer Reading
  • Latitude & Longitude

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