AI for Smart Cities
Shaping tomorrow’s smart city solutions.

Building the future of smart cities by collating millions of connected vehicle data points into intelligent traffic management and urban policy development.

1.2 billion

cars on the road by 2030









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Adding “smart” to Smart Cities.

Capitalize on next-gen AI technology data solutions for reducing congestion, enhancing real-time safety and managing emissions in smart cities.


Manage city traffic efficiently to build smart public transportation

Vehicle health

Monitor fuel economy, fuel efficiency trends and the speeding history of every vehicle

Collision events

Prevent & manage road accidents with higher efficiency


Design intelligent, next-generation solutions that solve pressing mobility issues

Electric vehicle

Reduce green-house gas emissions & carbon footprint


Manage city traffic efficiently in real-time
  • Optimize traffic flow movement
  • Offer smart parking solutions
  • Leverage digital signage for improved safety & advertising
  • Enable ride-sharing services

Attributes we collect




Direction of movement


Vehicle Health

Monitor fuel economy and fuel efficiency trends
  • Easily identify vehicle needs
  • Manage vehicle fuel consumption
  • Preempt problems with suggested actions

Attributes we collect

Odometer readings

Battery Life

Coolant Temperature

Fuel Gauge

Tire Pressure

Engine Temperature


Design intelligent, next-generation solutions that solve pressing mobility issues
  • Activate e-tolling with biometric secure payments
  • Enhanced security with driver authentication
  • Intelligently manage idle times, speed violations, stops, routes and more.

Attributes we collect


Traffic Signals

Digital Signage

And many more..


Prevent & manage road accidents with higher efficiency
  • Promote safe driving by monitoring real-time driving behavior.
  • Send real-time alerts for unique driving conditions or events
  • Enable speedy disaster management & response services

Attributes we collect

Airbag Status

Collision Severity

Event Date and Time

Event Location


Electric vehicle

Reduce green-house gas emissions & carbon footprint
  • Ease Range Anxiety with live DTE updates
  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Locate Nearest Charging Station
  • Monitor charging speed & efficiency
  • Track battery performance
Why us?

We employ artificial intelligence and powerful analytics to build smarter cities that are environmentally friendly, aren’t congested and enhance the quality of life.

Do everything in one go

All smart city aspects are available for remote monitoring in a single pane view.

Get updated in real-time

Connected vehicle data is processed in real-time for greater accuracy, reliability and transparency.

Data fidelity

Vehicle, driver and contextual attributes are unified from millions of connected vehicles.


Easy customization allows you the flexibility to decide how and when to receive data.

Easy onboarding

Ready-to-use data models and contextual APIs allow you to offer faster policy development.


Surface, POI and mobility information augments your smart city with deeper insights.


With responsible data sharing as our core philosophy, our platform is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Dynamic consent management

Easily integrable CEREBRUMX Secure Consent allows transparent consent management.

Unified and powerful platform

Our Augmented Deep Learning Platform is enabling a smarter and cleaner urban experience by harnessing the power of advanced connected vehicle data for customizable traffic management, sustainable architecture and resource-pooling.

CerebrumX Secure Consent

The continuing advancements of technology have led to rising concerns over data privacy. With our easily-integrable white-label platform for consent management, you can build trust where it matters the most.

Ready to revolutionize your smart city solutions with data powered by artificial intelligence?