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AI for Vehicle Service Contracts
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Use AI-powered deep data insights to cut down on your maintenance costs
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of Customers Are Using Third-Party Mechanics










Why Connected Vehicle Data Matters

Learn how embedded connected vehicle data transforms your business

Multiple OEMs, Single Interface

Access to rich data from multiple OEMs, smartly cumulated at a single place

No Additional Hardware

Get rid of cables, zip ties and multiple devices, that lead to reduced uptime


No CAPEX, Upfront pricing, scaling benefits and optimised OPEX

Authentic and Quality Data

Get richer real-time actionable data insights

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Reshaping predictive maintenance with AI

Use data-derived insights and automate decision making related to service & repair that can bring significant improvements in process efficiency, cost reduction, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.


Get real-time status of your vehicle

Vehicle Health

Easily identify vehicle needs in advance

Collision events

Evaluate vehicle health status & parameters

Service Warnings

Offer proactive maintenance services to customers

telemetry VSC


Get real-time status of your vehicle

  • Get precise locations for immediate roadside assistance
  • Measure usage parameters – over speeding, harsh braking, etc.
  • Precisely track vehicle movements

Attributes we collect




Direction of movement


Vehicle Health

Easily identify vehicle needs in advance

  • Monitor vehicle health accurately with real-time data
  • Prevent costly repairs, breakdowns and inconvenience
  • Improve customer retention with rewards and loyalty programs

Attributes we collect

Odometer readings

Battery Life

Coolant Temperature

Fuel Gauge

Tire Pressure

Engine Temperature

Vehicle health VSC
Service warnings fleet

Service Warnings

Offer proactive maintenance services to customers

  • Use real-time vehicle breakdown data for forecasting inventory
  • Prevent vehicle breakdown
  • Offer extended warranty and build customer loyalty

Attributes we collect

Washer Fluid level

Overheat warning

Coolant level

Malfunction warnings

And many more..


The main purpose of Collision detection for VS vertical is to estimate the losses and get the vehicle for repair in their garage

  • Get collision summary data
  • Identify cause and effect of accident
  • Unlock ADAS data for collision assistance

Attributes we collect

Airbag Status

Collision Severity

Event Date and Time

Event Location


Collision VSC
Why us?

We are using AI- technology to ensure you build profitable and long-lasting customer relationships.

Do everything in one go

All maintenance and warranty aspects are available for remote monitoring in one place, with a single pane view to all vehicle data.

Get updated in real-time

Directly-sourced vehicle data is processed in real-time for greater accuracy, reliability and transparency.

Data fidelity

Vehicle and driver attributes are unified from millions of connected vehicles.


Easy customization allows you the flexibility to decide how and when to receive data.

Easy onboarding

Ready-to-use data models and contextual APIs allow you to offer proactive service roll-outs.


Surface, POI and mobility information augments your business with deeper insights.


With responsible data sharing as our core philosophy, our platform is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Dynamic consent management

Easily integrable CEREBRUMX Secure Consent gives customers complete control over their consent.


Unified and powerful platform

Our Augmented Deep Learning Platform is transforming connected vehicle data into predictive insights that will make a difference in your automotive predictive maintenance and warranty services.


CerebrumX Secure Consent

Our easily-integrable white-label platform for consent management offers access to connected vehicle data that is built on transparency and trust.

Ready to revolutionize your maintenance and warranty services with data powered by artificial intelligence ?