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Fleet management and maintenance is an utmost priority for performance and safety in the daily operations scenario. With the help of IoT and other connected car technologies, data from vehicles can be captured in real time quite seamlessly. This real-time data like – the location of the vehicle, the speed acceleration location, load weight, engine performance,etc. – forms the core of an effective fleet management system.

Here are 4 ways in which car data can help with effective fleet management –

Addresses vehicle problems quickly

Unexpected repairs and maintenance are some of the biggest challenges that are faced in vehicle fleet management. With the help of fleet telematics, the user gets instant notifications like dashboard warning lights or notification signs or any other problems in the vehicle. This way, one can keep the vehicle in action by scheduling preventive maintenance and save any loss of money and thereby reducing vehicle downtime.

Monitor driver behaviour easily

Data shows that traffic accidents alone cost medium-sized fleets at least £6,000 per year in terms of repair alone. With the help of fleet telematics, one can gain greater visibility into the behaviour of the driver and ensure safe driving practices to reduce the probability of accidents. From finding the driver’s location to tracking their performance, every relevant information about the driver’s behaviour can be accessed which can be useful to ensure safety and efficiency of the vehicle.

Fuel Management and Service Tracking

When it comes to fleet management, fuel is one of the heaviest expenses. Embedded car data can help to minimize these overhead costs by keeping a track of the fuel consumption, health of the vehicle, updates and notifications of the roads and infrastructure. Fuel level, vehicle and service warnings can help monitor the efficiency, performance and life of vehicles too. They also offer information on the accelerating speed engine idle time and so on. With the help of these factors, the drivers and fleet managers can enhance fuel usage.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Embedded car data can help the fleet owners in optimizing vehicle selection and managing fleet depreciation with strategic purchase, lease and resale planning by tracking the health and ensuring the performance of the vehicle, scheduling timely service to maintain the efficiency of the vehicle, planning effective route and fuel consumption management to prevent traffic, breakdowns and fuel wastage in order to reduce the ownership and maintenance cost of the fleet.

About us

CerebrumX through its Augmented Deep Learning Platform addresses the critical challenges of efficient fleet management to provide segment-specific solutions. Communicating vehicles generates valuable data that can be leveraged to derive useful inferences. With its global tie-ups with OEMs, CerebrumX enables the Fleet companies to source data directly from the Telematics of the vehicle to assess the performance of the fleet and take measures timely. ADLP also helps the Fleet with valuable information on Driver Preferences, Real Time Fleet Tracking, EV Management and Data Management with third party Augmentation.