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With real-time information, connected vehicle data can help stranded drivers on road to have a safe and smooth driving experience. Connected car data can help OEMs and other service providers to offer customized services by providing immediate assistance to drivers in the case of an emergency. Here are 4 ways in which connected car data can help in driver roadside assistance are –

  • Real-time location of the driver can be shared immediately for timely assistance or to locate the nearest hospital in case of an emergency situation or accident.
  • Connected car data enables a driver to identify nearest garage or towing service in case of a vehicle breakdown or a flat tire.
  • With the help of connected car data, the driver can identify the exact problem in the vehicle and can personally take steps to fix minor repairs – while being attended remotely.
  • The vehicle data also helps a driver to figure out the nearest fuel station in case they fall short of fuel, based on the real-time information on fuel consumption.

CerebrumX through ADLP provides real-time and historical insights about the connected vehicles to the service providers to ensure the safety of the drivers on the road and to assist them with timely response in case of any unforeseen or emergency situation.