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Managing a fleet of several vehicles comes with its share of challenges for both the fleet managers and fleet service providers to stay on par with the administration tasks involved. While these may not concern the core business activities, they take up too much time, shifting the focus from what matters the most. With almost 49% fleet managers feeling this way, there is a staggering number of hours lost attending to admin tasks across the USA.

Manual Supervision Affects Bottom Line

Fleet service providers spend close to 25% of their time handling tasks like quoting, invoicing, dispatching and fleet maintenance, that might not seem like a big problem initially but can easily add up to divert attention from revenue-generating activities. This leads to businesses incurring high costs due to low productivity, missing out on service/repairs and tackling day-to-day tasks extremely difficult.

Fleet telematics and service providers, when armed with powerful connected vehicle data and insights, can enable fleet managers deal with such problems effectively.

Connected Vehicle Data can Drive Fleets to Success

Real-time data accelerates analysis to identify factors influencing the fleet business, to develop strategies that nurture growth. It lets fleet service providers automate mundane tasks, such as monitoring assets, managing maintenance and warranty, scheduling service appointments and more. Data also helps tackle driver shortage, asset utilization and controlling unauthorized use of company assets, to keep the fleets running on the road, healthy and profitably.

With connected fleet data, service providers help managers:

  • Embrace a digitized system to enhances processing times.
  • Reduce risk of human error and miscommunication.
  • Spend more time dealing with core business activities.
  • Automate routine tasks, such as invoicing and billing, routing, scheduling deliveries, etc.
  • Manage maintenance activities and service reminders.
  • Increase business efficiency by managing operating expenses and fluctuating fuel costs.
  • Communicate with drivers and workforce effectively.
  • Update customers with accurate ETAs and delays.

AI-Powered Data can Make Your Life Simple

We understand that managing fleet and vehicle data can be a tricky affair. Connected vehicle telematics data sourced directly from the manufacturers, in contrast to third-party device-sourced data, is a game changer when it comes to driving value-based solutions for fleets and their operations.

  • No Sourcing Headaches

Data-sourcing takes place on the back-end. Fleet solution providers get easy access to data and do not have to deal with contracts or price bookings, and inventory or shipment delays.

  • Better Data Quality

Connected-vehicle data is much more accurate and reliable as compared to data sourced through devices. High quality data leads to the generation of rich insights that fuel innovative fleet management solutions.

  • Reduced CapEx & Equipment On-boarding

Service providers get a unified access to vehicle data and do away with tethered devices, cables and more. Further, they save time, efforts and money spent on installation across the fleet.

  • Increased Vehicle Uptime & Revenue

Quick and easy data integration leads to reduced delays, minimized coordination efforts as well as increased efficiency and uptime. Enable fleets to get their vehicles on the road more, quicker and longer, bill often and offer services swiftly.

  • Easy Pilots & Updates

Initiate pilot programs and launch new services easily. Enhance current solutions with over-the-air updates, that’s cheaper, quicker and easier.

Social Considerations

Integrating smart ways to tackle fleet challenges has its impact on the environment too. Data opens impressive opportunities to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and expenses, leading to a sustainable future and better quality of life. Healthier communities further equate to safer environments for drivers and vehicles alike.

Achieve Seamless Fleet Management & Compliance with CerebrumX

CerebrumX offers powerful and digitally enhanced solutions to administrative challenges faced by fleet service providers. Through our Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP), we curate measurable and actionable data that generates meaningful insights, that fleet service and telematics providers can rely on. We further assist them to gather driver consent, maintain data privacy and activate mobility data ethically using our comprehensive platform, CerebrumX secure Consent, to influence growth and higher ROI in the fleet business.

For more information regarding connected vehicle data and the evolving ecosystem around it, Contact us or reach out to our experts.