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Join the conversation with Sumit Chauhan, COO & Co-Founder at CerebrumX, as he takes the stage on In Wheel Time Car Talk to shed light on the crucial topic of monetizing and effectively utilizing data collected by OEMs.

In this segment, Sumit delves into the significance of leveraging data to unlock valuable insights and drive innovation within the various verticals in the automotive industry, such as fleets, insurance, smart mobility and driver safety.

He takes a targeted approach on collecting, storing, analyzing and monetizing connected vehicle data, making it eligible for use in the form of rich insights, and explains how CerebrumX makes it possible with its proprietary AI-Powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP).

Listen to this thought-provoking discussion via the given link. Watch the video and gain a deeper understanding of the power of data monetization in the automotive sector.