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Green transportation, also known as sustainable transport, refers to modes of transportation that rely on renewable energy sources and that do not negatively impact the environment. Green Transportation With continuous advancements in the technology sector, each day we move closer to a more connected world. But at the same time, as our dependence on resources increase, so does their long-term viability, and as a result our growth as a whole. Where conventional fossil-fuel-powered vehicles have reached a point of saturation, new-age connected vehicles offer a brighter and more sustainable future.

Emerging connected vehicles make it possible to operate in ways that not only conserve and protect our natural environment, but also ensure long-term sustainability. The embed tech they get, that along with sensors and a well-established infrastructure, can help drivers and authorities take a united stand to improve air quality, optimize energy performance and decrease emissions.

The transformation relies on the highly-valuable data that fuels the entire connected vehicle concept, and creates a new opportunity for automotive businesses and service providers to create innovative and environmental-friendly solutions, that would enhance mobility as a whole.

How Connected Vehicle Data makes Green Transportation possible?

Connected vehicle applications demonstrate the huge scope for significant improvements in aspects of GHG emissions, fuel consumption, driver safety, and more when widely adopted.

Here’s how vehicle data can help to achieve efficient Green Transportation

  • Reduce Emissions and ensures sustainable transportation
  • Vehicle Data helps to Cut Down on Fuel Consumption
  • Efficient Smart city transportation with 22% savings in fuel consumption & 11% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Driver Safety
  • EV Adoption by Analysing EV performance and bench-marking metrics for green transportation

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Reduce Emissions and ensures sustainable & green transportation

Connected vehicle technology has been proven a boon in mitigating the climate change crisis, by successfully achieving emissions reduction targets. Cars that operate on connected vehicle technology capture real-time data pertaining to the environment and air quality, to catalyze solutions that decrease fuel consumption and in turn, decrease emissions.

  • Vehicle Data helps to Cut Down on Fuel Consumption

Real-time telematics data goes a long way in making journeys user and environment-friendly. Drivers get better visibility into the traffic trends, flow and congestion that enables them to plan their journeys accordingly. Drivers can avoid congested routes, utilize public transportation or reschedule their trips entirely, to boost fuel-efficiency.

Efficient Smart city transportation with 22% savings in fuel consumption & 11% reduction in CO2 emissions

When future smart cities deploy widespread connected vehicle technology, they’ll be able to collect and analyse traffic flow and lane management data, enabling drivers to make the most out of their journeys. The United States Department of Transportation predicts up to 22% savings in fuel consumption from this application, 11% reduction in CO2 emissions as well as 20% less miles traveled.

Driver Safety

Digital signage and warning applications, all powered by vehicle data transmitted in real-time, holds the potential to address the rising issue of driver safety on high-speed freeways. Traffic data analysis can free highways of unnecessary traffic load, reduce the number of crashes and collisions as well as expedite emergency response services in real time.

EV Adoption by Analysing EV performance and bench-marking metrics for green transportation 

Vehicle data analysis is a strong driving force behind the rising demand for electric vehicles, which has transformed the global passenger market. Connected car data yields valuable information into the EV performance and bench-marking metrics, helping both the OEMs and the owners to utilize their capabilities to the fullest. Further, this data also strengthens the EV charging infrastructure with insights on the best locations to set up public charging stations, and encourage dependence on green fuel energy.

Inspire a Sustainable Green Transportation Ecosystem with CEREBRUMX

Are you prepared to move towards a new mode of transportation ecosystem that’s not heavy on our environment? With CEREBRUMX you are. With our powerful and digitally enhanced data solutions, we’ll enable you to make the most out of the raw connected vehicle data. Our first-of-its-kind AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) ingests mobility and telematics data from millions of connected vehicles, enriches it using advanced AI signals and augmented data, and generates meaningful insights that are aimed at making transportation greener, safer and sustainable.

Explore rich datasets and industry-leading data analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence for cost-effective, innovative and safe data solutions that boost business productivity. We adhere to global privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA laws, to maintain driver confidentiality and offer a white-label consent management platform, CerebrumX Secure Consent, that can be easily integrated within your brand’s existing web/app architecture.


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