Transforming EV Rides
with Connected Technology

The connected Electric Vehicle (EV) market has grown significantly, thanks to a focus on sustainable transportation and advancements in connectivity. CerebrumX’s AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) transforms commuting and unlocks real-time data collection and analysis, generating key insights to improve charging infrastructure, optimize user experience, improve safety, and address theft concerns.

1. Optimizing Charging Infrastructure

CerebrumX data-driven insights empower operators to streamline operations and efficiently allocate power and resources.

  • Implement dynamic pricing models for optimal utilization of resources
  • Encourage off-peak charging to balance demand and supply
  • Offer intelligent billing plans to enhance user satisfaction

2. Energy Management

By harnessing data generated during charging and usage, CerebrumX generates insights that optimize energy consumption, enhance battery performance, and contribute to sustainability.

  • Grid Optimization – identify appropriate time, location and rate of charging
  • Dynamic Scheduling – avoid long queuing or capacity constraints
  • Intelligent Energy Management – utilise maximum renewable energy generation

3. Driver Behavior analysis

CerebrumX analyzes and generates accurate driver score that offers diverse applications for insurance companies, fleet owners, OEMs, policymakers, and end users.

  • Tailored and price-based insurance policies
  • Improved driver behavior and safety
  • Prevention of road accidents

Potential Data-Driven Use Cases

  • Real-time monitoring of road conditions and predictive maintenance alerts
  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing capabilities, to identify thefts and recover stolen vehicle
  • Smart helmets and SOS calls for emergency medical assistance
  • Vehicle health management to monitor vital components and avoid untimely breakdowns