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If you are a fleet service provider that offers solutions to assist with managing and operating fleets, then chances are your fleet-facing solutions revolve around data gathered from OBD dongles, or on-board diagnostics. While these aftermarket solutions achieved success in bringing connectivity to fleet utilization in the past, they no longer prove a viable solution in improving fleet tracking, route optimization or safety challenges.

The future of connected fleets is fueled by comprehensive connected vehicle data and rich insights, that’s actionable in real-time. OBD dongles plugged into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics ports are simply incapable of attaining data richness comparable to telematics data.

There are many reasons for OBD inefficiency, most prominent being:

Obsolete Technology

OBD dongles, Blackbox and other devices operate on technologies of the past (2G & 3G), which besides delivery results with lower accuracy, cost more, don’t always work and tend to be compatible with only a small range of models. While OEMs continue developing their vehicle line-ups with new and advanced technologies, outdated devices such as OBD pose the risk of compromising connectivity across the fleet.

High Installation Expense

Fleet service providers deal with a steep upfront expense curve associated with the purchase of devices and dongles in large numbers, and recurring expenses in case of refunds and replacements. Disintegrated solutions involving devices, cables and more take longer to install, leading to significant downtime losses and unproductivity. Such devices also come with the added headache of troubleshooting repairs, logistics, maintenance and more.

Vulnerable Data

Gone are the days when data from OBD dongles added value to fleet operations. Present day devices are often considered unsafe by cyber experts, in terms of vulnerability to attacks and penetration. Their capabilities to track data are further limited, rendering them highly inefficient when compared to the extensive data sets obtained from connected vehicles.

Tap Into the Data, Right at the Source

Owing to the continued advancements in technologies along with the availability of a wide range of connected vehicles with far-reaching capabilities, fleets face the golden opportunity to future-proof their solutions, by taking action right now.

Real-time connected vehicle data, sourced by the vehicles and collected directly from the OEMs, has fast-paced the journey towards connected fleets. The technology no longer depends on inefficient OBD devices, instead sources superior data faster and conveniently.

Strengthen Your Fleet-Facing Solutions with CerebrumX

When you have got connected vehicle data on your mind, CerebrumX has you covered. Be it gaining access to the right data, at the right time, or unlocking that data for easy interpretation to drive better business solutions, we unleash the true potential of mobility data for you, with our proprietary AI-driven Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP).

We strive to help you deliver safer, efficient and cost-effective solutions to fleets, using:

A Unified Solution

Unlike fragmented solutions, our mobility data comes with a single source of integration, execution and conclusion. CerebrumX eliminates the need to depend on several aftermarket devices and lets you focus on innovating new fleet services with a single and consistent supply of industry-standard data sets, across categories. We offer seamless cloud integration that eliminates data storage and infrastructure issues.

The power of AI

Utilizing the power of its AI-driven platform, CerebrumX takes fleet management solutions to the next level. Be it AI-powered telematics data, driver behavior analysis or pattern-led-trends, fleet service providers get their hands on fleet data that’s augmented with contextual information, and not raw data, to support development.

Superior Quality Data

CerebrumX makes access to first-rate connected fleet data as easy as thinking about it. Quick and easy integration, high accuracy and a data-standardization process that includes anonymization, cleansing, indexing, processing and normalization, to make the make it simpler and useful for your fleet customers.

Uncompromised Safety, Every Time

We know that fleets care for driver’s data privacy. With CerebrumX Secure Consent, we’ll help you give the control back to the driver and lead the way for a trusted, sustainable future with complete transparency. Simply integrate our white label platform within your existing architecture, or use our standalone app, and win fleets’ trust.

For more information regarding connected vehicle data and the evolving ecosystem around it, Contact us or reach out to our experts.