September 18th – 21st, 2022 | DALLAS, TEXAS

Lets discuss all things AI and Insurance!

CerebrumX will be attending the NAMIC Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas on September 18th to 21st. Please meet us to discuss how to integrate connected vehicle data to quickly launch UBI program for your customers.

CerebrumX provides a ubiquitous AI-powered data management platform to enable the activation of connected vehicle data, that is yet un-utilized to any significant level. The data-driven approach to auto insurance cuts down on policy costs, as drivers with low-risk profiles will benefit from discounts, and vice-versa. In addition to reduced policy premiums, data-driven insurance products enable Insurers to offer faster claims processes, prevent frauds and maintain deeper, meaningful relationships with customers.

CEREBRUMX values consumer privacy to everything it does, going beyond just compliance with its white-label app and web solution, CEREBRUMX Secure Consent.

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