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In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility, the scope of communication has surpassed the conventional boundaries between vehicles and OEMs. It is now abundantly clear that achieving a synchronized and friction-less integration between vehicles and charging infrastructures stands as an imperative cornerstone. Moreover, this imperative extends beyond the vehicular landscape, demanding a seamless communication between charging stations and the intricate web of OEM infrastructure to propel progress within the electric mobility domain.

By bridging the gap between OEMs and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), there is scope to elevate EV data utilization to heights never seen before, enhancing convenience and efficiency for drivers, charging operators as well as OEMs across the globe.

Empowering Next-Gen Connectivity

CerebrumX, in collaboration with Emporia, brings a strategic solution that targets to collect, analyze and enrich the data that’ll drive the next-generation of mobility in the EV space. EVConnect positions CerebrumX at the forefront of connected vehicle charging solutions, solidifying our role as a key enabler. By seamlessly bridging the gap between OEMs and EVSE, we introduce an innovative communication framework that enhances the entire EV ecosystem.

This collaborative venture opens up exciting possibilities for vehicles and charging stations to establish intelligent exchange of data with the sole aim to unlock new and exciting services to make EV charging simpler and more efficient. By facilitating a seamless flow of crucial data, the joint solution empowers optimal functionality in delivering user-centric experiences for EV drivers as well as manufacturers alike.

EVConnect – Intelligent EV Charging

Introducing EVConnect, an innovative solution from CerebrumX that revolutionizes the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. Powered by AI algorithms, EVConnect delivers data-driven actionable insights that empower EV owners and operators. By harnessing real-time connected vehicle data and cutting-edge AI technology, EVConnect ensures efficient route planning, battery management, and predictive maintenance, enhancing overall EV efficiency and longevity.

EV owners will now be able to not only find optimal charging windows but also choose the precise juncture to initiate charging, at the most favorable charging rates and plans.

Unleashing Data-Powered Precision in EV-OEM Enhancement

CerebrumX’s Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) leverages Machine Learning (ML) and data science to revolutionize electric vehicle charging and performance, driving an unparalleled customer experience. It utilizes unique indicators that offer predictive real-time data insights to OEMs, meaning OEMs now get the ability to anticipate potential issues and make timely improvements, resulting in heightened vehicle performance, durability, and customer satisfaction. The solution also contributes to significant cost savings, as preventive measures can be implemented, reducing the frequency of expensive repairs.

Key Offerings

EVConnect offer three key offerings to EV charging operators to help attract customers and boost operational efficiency:

  1. Reduced Costs (Rate plan): Empowering customers to choose from a range of flexible charging plans, as per their needs and availability, and bring in cost optimization.
  1. EV Smart City (Time & Energy Optimization): Allowing customers to find nearest charging stations through in-car notifications, reserve charging slots and pay for services utilized, quickly and seamlessly.
  1. Intelligent Energy Consumption: Let customers charge their EVs at the right time to leverage excess solar optimizer and enjoy lower rates for reduced impact on energy bill.

Why choose CerebrumX?

  1. Direct integration EVSE & Energy Infrastructure: Integration with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and energy infrastructure streamlines the charging process and enhances efficiency for electric vehicles.
  1. Easy on-boarding with Integrated Consent: Simplifies the user registration process by seamlessly incorporating consent agreements and creating a user-friendly experience.
  1. Cost-effective Cloud integration: To enable businesses to efficiently incorporate and manage their digital operations without incurring excessive expenses.
  1. EV Fleet Ready: Seamlessly transition to electric fleets, optimizing their operational and environmental efficiency.

In Conclusion

With EVConnect, CerebrumX and Emporia have paved the way for a new era in EV charging. By dismantling barriers between OEMs, charging stations, and vehicles, an interconnected network of data exchange has been set up that holds the power to realize newer and even easier use cases for EV owners, simplifying EV charging and propelling the entire ecosystem towards a sustainable and user-centric future.