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Timely alerts and roadside assistance hold unrivaled importance in keeping us safe on the roads. However, with advancements in technologies and increased road traffic, conventional driver safety alerts no longer remain a viable proposition to rely on for risk-free journeys.

Automotive Map found that vehicle breakdowns in the US had a $9 billion impact on drivers and auto businesses, with close to 150 million people spending more than 120 million hours on the road, due to breakdowns. These inconveniences further compel Americans to shell out $15 million in repair costs every year, and lead to high levels of road risk.

With the increasing penetration of connected vehicles and telematics systems within the automotive domain, data connectivity as well as the ease to seamlessly communicate with vehicles has taken maintenance assistance to the next level. The cars of today generate ample data which holds the potential to overcome aforementioned challenges, and much more.

Intelligent Driver Alerts That Save Lives

Building on the characteristic property of connected vehicles to generate large amounts of data, a golden opportunity arises for maintenance service providers by gaining access to a wide range of valuable information concerning drivers and their vehicles.

Data suggesting speed, engine status, failed part indicators and malfunction indicators, such as engine temperature, coolant temperature, oil level and more, can come handy to accelerate driver safety alerts and prevent mishaps. This data not only gives maintenance service providers a peek into vehicle health but also gives them the chance to prepare services in response to these alerts, and then target those services to customers when they need it the most.

For instance, timely alerts for battery status, fuel level and tire pressure can save customers from getting stranded on the highway, in the middle of their trip, while enabling nearest service providers to stand by for immediate assistance.

Roadside Assistance Efforts, Reinforced    

Drivers rely on effective roadside services for assistance in cases of vehicle breakdown, malfunction or collision. A much-needed assistance with changing tires, battery failure, towing and many other challenges, holds much value to the customer in dire need, which can be further expedited using connected vehicle data.

With access to information concerning vehicle location, status, engine activity, error codes, tire pressure, fuel level and more, roadside service providers can actively identify the cause behind breakdown or malfunctions, and pre-empt relevant response.

The quality of the service as well as the time to action could be significantly improved, preventing unnecessary expenditure of time and money. Service providers could further analyse if a trip is even needed or simply assistance over phone would solve the issue. Intelligently managing resources, sending vehicles closest to customer location for quick TATs, leveraging accurate components data and maximizing driver safety on the side of the road, the use cases for successful integration of mobility data into roadside assistance are countless.

Transform Your Maintenance Services & Solutions with CerebrumX

CerebrumX is prepared to take your maintenance service efforts to new heights with our powerful and digitally enhanced solutions. With AI-driven data and insights that you can rely on, we help you capitalize on the next-generation concept of data connectivity. Through our Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP), we analyse connected vehicle data from millions of vehicles in real-time, to generate meaningful insights that help you offer exceptional services to your customers.

To ensure highest quality of data that’ll fuel your business operations, we help you gather driver consent, maintain data privacy and activate mobility data ethically using our white label platform, CerebrumX secure Consent, to influence growth and higher ROI in maintenance services.


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