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Fleet managers looking for ways to optimize their fleets and improve the bottom line is new in this era of tech-centric rapid innovation. What is new is the commercial vehicle segment witnessing a shift from traditional aftermarket telematics devices to smarter and sustainable connected vehicle technology, to achieve an electric future.

Frost and Sullivan’s analysis predicts data-led-EV global market opportunity of 1.09 million eLCVs (electric Light Commercial Vehicles) by 2025 and 5.6 million units by 2030, leading up to 1 in every 2 LCV to be electric by 2040.

Such data suggests that the need for fleet managers to make the choice between OBD devices and connected vehicles is now, if they wish to stay on par with the rising demand of electric fleets and phase out eradication.

Here are some of the top benefits of connected vehicle data in fleets, to help managers make a decision:

  • Increased efficiencies

While integrating connected systems within fleet management processes brings out a range of benefits, the most easily identifiable remains an instant boost in the operational efficiency. By doing away with challenges at the ground level, be it ineffective usage patterns, high costs or dependance on manual supervision, tech-powered data solutions contribute to the fleet’s ecosystem an intelligence of its own. Vehicle-sourced telematics data supports live tracking, predictive health monitoring as well as identification and rectification of vehicle faults, in real-time.

  • Automation

Fleets further utilize the power of connectivity to assist managers in overseeing fleet operations. From generating driver scorecards, vehicle health reports and remotely diagnosing faults, to optimizing delivery schedules, setting up event-based triggers and automating mundane tasks, vehicle data eliminates the need for human intervention. As a result, feet managers stand to save valuable time and resources across operations.

  • Control fuel consumption

Data enables managers to look into the diversified driving patterns of the drivers, and performance of the vehicles, to communicate the shortest routes, speed limits, road obstructions and more. Also, managers can present drivers with coaching opportunities to compensate for long idle times and increase trip mileage, all in an effort to successfully save on massive fuel costs, and move towards sustainability.

  • Driver safety

Connected fleets make way for safer driving practices on the road, by actively monitoring and reducing instances of over-speeding, harsh braking, swerving and driving under fatigue. This lets fleet managers offer heightened levels of driver safety, combined with real-time location tracking, to minimize vehicle theft and harm.

  • Goods Recovery

With the help of real-time data into the vehicle’s live location and origin/destination points, stolen vehicles can be easily recovered, and goods restored. Features such remote vehicle immobilization further enhance the fleet manager’s capabilities in preventing theft, notifying authorities and managing fleet vehicles successfully.

Make the Shift to Electric Fleets

Fleet electrification is the theme of the hour and mobility data emerges as a dependable source of first-grade information to boost EV adoption among fleet customers. It not just accelerates the setting up of the electric vehicle infrastructure, including charging networks, battery R&D and vehicle performance, but also makes the experience of operating an electric fleet convenient. From finding the nearest charging stations to monitoring charge speed, battery performance as well as charge left (to ease range anxiety), connected vehicle data enables fleet customers to reduce downtime, decrease maintenance runs and minimize their carbon footprint.

Managing fleets is tough. We make it easy, with AI.

CEREBRUMX is prepared to take your fleet management journey to new heights with the first of its-kind AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP). With our powerful and digitally enhanced solutions, we’ll enable you to make the most out of the raw connected fleet data. Our ADLP ingests mobility and telematics data from millions of connected vehicles, enriches it using advanced AI signals and augmented data, to generate meaningful insights that’ll boost your fleet-facing solutions.

Our rich data sets and industry leading analysis promise cost-friendly operations, limitless innovation and optimum business productivity. We adhere to global privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA laws, to maintain driver confidentiality and offer a white label consent management platform, CEREBRUMX Secure Consent, that can be easily integrated within your brand’s existing web/app architecture.


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