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The world we know has taken a shift to ‘connected technologies’ that have changed the way people and their machines communicate. While smart technology in Automobile Industry has seen big developments, the concept of Connected Cars is still relatively new. Cars that are capable to optimize their own operation and maintenance, with the aim to enhance user comfort, entertainment and safety, using onboard sensors and internet connectivity are essentially connected cars. And they rely on ‘data’ sourced during this connectivity to accomplish these objectives.

What is Connected Car data?

Connected vehicles share a wide range of data with devices inside and outside the car, that is accessed to perform various functions as per the user’s requests. This curated data can include parameters such as real-time location, mileage, battery levels for an EV, fuel tank levels, driving behavior, tire pressure and more, and can be used to analyze vehicle performance as well as driving behavior.

Who owns this data?

Access to any personal information is treated based on user consent. Car manufacturers get consented access to the data collected by the cars, using sensors and embedded technology, for internal purposes. Users can also opt to provide consent for data to be shared with automotive ecosystem businesses and service providers, such as Fleet Operators, Insurance Providers and Aftermarket Dealers among others, for a range of solutions to develop a more ‘connected’ transportation experience.

Why is this data important?

Data curated from connected cars holds great importance for maintenance, warranty and safety purposes. It also improves on driving experience, comfort level and reduces fuel consumption. Access along with careful analysis of vehicle data such as acceleration, cornering and braking, location, systems and component data is crucial to strengthen the in-car experience of the owner.

Data powers a wide range of Driver Benefits

  • Smart navigation with real-time location metrics for location-based services, based on weather, traffic, and other factors.
  • Cost savings with best routes for reduced commuting times and fuel expenses.
  • Smart insights that encourage safe driving practices and avert traffic violations.
  • Access to a wide range of entertainment services, such as radio, video, audio books, music streaming and more, on the go.
  • Advanced safety features by predicting traffic conditions, accident analysis and tracking the ‘health’ of the car and its systems.
  • Increased convenience by availing remote access to various functions of the vehicle.

Tapping the growing demand for Connected car Data

Connected cars and the associated data is growing at a tremendous pace, and it is predicted that by the year 2025 almost 90% of all vehicles in the US and Europe will be connected. One of the biggest reasons behind this transformation is the growing demand of on-demand services and ease of connectivity, that has already been achieved in other aspects of life be it smart homes or mobile devices.

The market is still emerging and is undoubtedly expected to thrive in the coming future, with data traffic from connected cars expected to exceed 1000 times the present volume by 2025, as per Forbes. With such a boost in the amount of data generated by connected cars, comes the responsibility to decode this data into meaningful insights, which automotive businesses can benefit from.

How CerebrumX unlocks the true potential of Connected Car Data for good?

CerebrumX, with industry’s first Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP), provides easy interpretation of connected car data to drive better business decisions for automotive ecosystem partners. The proprietary platform from CerebrumX unlocks data from millions of vehicles to generate deep insights and valuable information, that benefits users with enhanced safety, accessibility, cost-effectiveness and an efficient driving experience.

By democratizing data and making it available for use to everyone, CerebrumX ensures utmost data privacy, security and transparency through its white label consent management system, CerebrumX Secure Consent.

Connected car data and smart technologies offer businesses new opportunities to cater to consumers with convenient solutions.

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