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CEREBRUMX has always been supportive of the innovations in automotive technology and what better way to exhibit it than being present at the biggest automotive tech event of 2022. This summer, we are coming to the prestigious AutoTech Detroit show to connect with the world’s top manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, get a sneak peek into latest technology developments and talk about data connectivity.

We’ll bring with us an exclusive look at the auto industry’s first AI-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) and showcase how connected vehicle data can help you driver better decisions for your business. With 300+ data points collected from millions of connected vehicles in real-time, our ADLP enriches this data with augmented data signals and turns it into predictive insights, that support the development of new-age and connected automotive services and solutions.

With rich insights evaluating vehicle performance, vehicle health, driver behavior and several other parameters, the range of holistic services from CEREBRUMX serve the entire automotive ecosystem, including Fleets, Auto Insurance, Vehicle Service Contracts, Electric Vehicles, Smart Cities and Media. What’s more, this data further opens new opportunities for car manufacturers, enabling them to better their products and improve user experience. By enabling the activation of connected car data, CEREBRUMX aims at delivering safe, sustainable and fulfilling driving experiences through the power of data, while ensuring global compliance.

At AutoTech Detroit 2022, we hope to connect with fellow innovators in the auto industry and forge value technology partnerships of the future.

Find us at:

Booth 731

Suburban Collection Showplace

Novi, Michigan

Between 8 – 9 June 2022


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